Going on a cruise is a good way to heighten the memories of a particular year. You can start with the planning activities more than a year before mostly because the cruise needs you to be away from anything else in your life for quite some time. Beyond that, you have to think about the immediate traveling issues that will be affecting you and your fellow mates as you travel. You may want to go over the reminders for several days just to make sure you are not going to spoil any of the interesting opportunities. This article gives you additional important things to do before going on a cruise.

Check your list five times

Come up with a list of wishful things to do and go with during the cruise and also go with another list of priority things. The priority list should contain ten or eleven items. Make sure you have everything intact on that list and ensure that you are checking it even at the last minute as you board the cruise ship. The list can save you many disappointments. Many people find out late that they carried less memory for their cameras and forgot to get their satellite phone subscriptions updated.

Check your money

Cruise shipYour money should be in order when you are traveling. You need your recurring bills to be on point. You might have to pay them in advance. Besides finances, you want to consider any other implications for your household while you are away. Things like TV subscriptions may not mean much when you are away, but your credit history is essential. Therefore, you still need to pay such bills or at least cancel the subscriptions while you are away. You may also not be able to reach your bank and other credit facilities while away. Make sure you program your affairs to accommodate the changes you make before as you go away.

Come up with a work-free zone

Your trip will be a work-free affair, and that is why it is important for you to summarize everything work-related that you are doing well in advance. Make sure to add delegation tasks so that there is someone to handle your business when you are away. You may have to create an email auto response telling people that you are on vacation.

Get almost everything in hard copy

You need to work on the paperwork. You should ensure you have copies of your passport, boarding pass, insurance policy and other papers that would be important. Nowadays most of these features are available in electronic format, but you want to safeguard your peace of mind.

Inform you’re loved ones and those who matter

People might look for you for days and get wild thoughts. You should try to ensure you at least call them and explain you will not be available. Short duration cruise trips only require you only to inform your employees or employer and your immediate family.


Cruise trips offer fun and exciting moments. Relax and take things easy.